1st Ripe Figs & Fabric

The first of this year's fig crop

The first of this year’s fig crop

I walked outside in a light drizzle today to check on the figs.  They are starting to ripen!  The tree with the early, smaller figs is loaded.  The other fig tree has larger, fat green figs that will ripen later.

I’m keeping this first picking to pig out on fresh.   They are superb!

I ordered fabric for the small bathroom last night.  Am going crazy trying to pick out paint colors.

But there’s a lot of prep work before I start since I need to replace part of the subfloor under the toilet, install a new toilet and lavatory and replace the flooring.  I’ve decided to keep the existing countertop.  It’s dated, but still sound and the color will work with my fabric.

I’m feeling a little under the weather, so might take a while to actually get busy on the project.  But the planning is always the toughest part for me, anyway, and I think I have most of what I want to do figured out.


  1. Fig preserves.:-)


  2. cozybegone

     /  August 16, 2013

    Those figs are beauties, although I’ve never eaten one. Has to be such a joy to pick it right on your land. Anxious to see what color scheme you go with, but mostly that you get yourself mended up!!


    • I’m still waffling between two color schemes. And if I can’t make it work to my satisfaction, I may just have to buy some more subdued fabric. I was going for COLOR! 😀


  3. Your figs look fantastic and I am sure they taste even better!! 🙂 I am sure your bathroom will look amazing…what are your colors?? Take care of yourself and don’t overdo!!


    • Gerri, I’m debating on whether to do the walls in a soft coral with a soft green green trim, or a soft green wall with coral trim… or maybe a very light apricot wall… or wimping out and going with soft green and white. The fabric is a vivid multi.


  4. The fig picture makes me wonder about our tree….if the neighbors or the birds are eating them? Figs straight from the tree are so sweet…delish!

    Sure that you will really enjoy the results…we have loved our bath since the redo last year.


    • I can assure you the birds are getting a few of them. I threw out 5 bird-pecked ones yesterday. Maybe call the neighbors and tell them help themselves?

      I ate figs with almonds for breakfast this morning. What a treat!

      I have a doctor appointment the 20th. May wait to start on the bathroom until after I see her.


  5. EmilyO

     /  August 16, 2013

    I’ll let you “practice” on my bathroom first – the toilet area I mean. That’s what is needed around my bathroom’s toilet area. I had a chuckle the first time I stepped in front of the toilet, there are two well worn “foot” grooves in front of the bowl and a bit to each side. This house has seen many a male in it!


    • I’ll pass on the offer to practice! 😀

      The foot grooves are so funny! That’s one situation I never saw covered on “This Old House.”


  6. There is no way on the planet I would even remotely consider doing that kind of work! Of course I wouldn’t even know how, and neither would DH! We found a young kid who redid our entire small bath in 2003 and felt lucky to find him! He was very reasonable.
    Definitely wait until you’re feeling better! Those figs look wonderful!


    • Kathy, I have been watching “how-to” videos for a couple of hours. That’s the ONLY way I can learn how to do the things I need to do. I already discovered that one of the things I was planning is unworkable, and found out how to do it right.

      I don’t know what I would have done without the internet!

      And I am definitely waiting until I get my energy back! 🙂


  7. Horst Kelly

     /  August 16, 2013

    Figs with pecans……you need to start a “mail order” store selling that…I’d be first in line…..BTW though a little late I added your blog to my blog list…Have a great weekend….

    ps..I think JerryC would be more than happy to tackle your bathroom…lol…..Horst sends


    • The great thing about the fig tree is that it is zero maintenance. The bugs don’t bother it. I add a few wood ashes to sweeten the soil every couple of years and that’s all.

      Appreciate the link. I need to update my list, too. There are several I follow that I don’t have links to.

      Jerry C would be MOST welcome here! LOL. But right now he’s building another house.


  8. Never have quite understood figs. I LOVE homemade fig preserves. but a fig fig is … I don’t know. We had a fig tree growing up and it was always full of bumble bees. I liked bumble bees but not buzzing around my head. The fig tree was right off the back porch. It was huge! furry leaves. kinda stinky as I recall…

    Kinda like Okra… I like it fried and crispy but that’s it. nasty stuff otherwise. am I southern?


    • No bumble bees around ours and no fuzzy leaves, but they are big! Mom and Dad had a fig tree growing outside their bedroom window when we were kids. One night they woke up to “smack, smack, smack.” A possum was up in the tree eating the figs.

      I love fried okra. Can’t get enough of it. But any other way, it is a slimy, gooey mess. So you still qualify as Southern. 😀


  9. Those figs look sooo good. My dad always had a fig tree or two. He just loved his figs. He would make fig cookies and preserves but mostly just eat them fresh.

    Your bathroom project has gotten further than mine. I think I know what color I want but that is about it.

    Hope you start to feel better soon. I haven’t heard from my Drs. office so I guess the results aren’t to bad and can wait until Tue. for the follow up. Quirky stuff we seem to have.


    • Jo, the only person in my family who made fig cookies was my mother-in-law. She would send us some every Christmas, and they were such a treat.

      I am going to start with the bathroom project next week. I’ll just take it as slow as I have to.

      I imagine the doctor will prescribe antibiotics when I see her Tuesday. Hope that patches me up again for a while! 🙂


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