Beauty & the Deluge

We were headed to the visitors' center when the sky opened up.  Our wipers didn't have a chance against this downpour!

We were headed to the visitors’ center when the sky opened up. Our wipers didn’t have a chance against this downpour!

It rained last night, then drizzled on and off this morning.  For a while the sun peeked out and we thought that we were through with rain for the day.

Drizzly morning.  This is the first time we've used the awning this trip.

Drizzly morning. This is the first time we’ve used the awning this trip.

So we headed for the day use area.  It is so beautifully and thoughtfully designed.  It’s multi level with picnic areas tucked here and there, obviously designed with privacy for picnickers in mind, except for the large group pavilions.

We weren’t keeping track of time, so we decided to leave the day use area and head for the visitors’ center.  That’s when the sky opened up.

The day use area from the parking lot

The day use area from the parking lot

It was really scary driving those twisty, winding two-lane roads when we could barely see the road.  And there was nowhere to pull off and wait it out.

We finally got to the visitors’ center and found it closed.  It was 5:30, and the center closes at 4:30.  Then I worried the whole drive back to the campground about how our awning had fared in the downpour.  Since we hadn’t expected rain, we had left it up.  To my great relief, it was fine.

Entering the day use area

Entering the day use area

Bless Casita for using quality awnings!

We are heading home tomorrow.  The first thing I need to do is get estimates on a new roof, then, it will be time to tackle a whole list of home maintenance projects.

Sure would be nice to run away from home again!  🙂

Ron and Sheba

Ron and Sheba

Lower level looking toward the boat dock

Lower level looking toward the boat dock

Picnic sites

Picnic sites

Wheelchair accessible

Wheelchair accessible

Down by the water

Down by the water

Path from day use area to boating area

Path from day use area to boating area






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  1. cozybegone

     /  August 7, 2013

    Most beautiful park….sure had your boot full of rain. But all was good..thx goodness! Home to deal with roof…ugh! Thank goodness you had a reprieve…and a good one! Living all this new life…know, you always come to mind! Wish you could pull the plug and follow us…I’d be so happy!

    • It was a wonderful, much-needed reprieve!

      I was thinking today that the loss of community would be the main drawback for me to fulltiming. But if we had friends to meet up with, it would make such a huge difference.

      I still think I’d like a home base, but I wish it was a lot smaller and demanded less maintenance! 🙂

      • cozybegone

         /  August 7, 2013

        We both need a barn to hook up to…oh what fun! I have a mushroom pic coming soon…No, I didn’t eat it … YET! 🙂

        • My dream place is one of those barns with a cover for an RV with a small apartment built in! Wouldn’t it be cool to have one built for two!

          Can’t wait to see your mushroom picture! 😀

          • cozybegone

             /  August 7, 2013

            Oh I’m dreaming…things do happen…

  2. I know you hate to leave that beautiful place!!! Mike and I want to visit Doll Mountain before they close for the season. Thanks for the heads-up.
    That was some scary kind of rain!! Wow! Glad the awning held up. We don’t have an awning and it is the first time in many many RVs we haven’t. We will probably have one put on in Rice at some point but until then we will either purchase a screen room or just a shade canopy.
    I am so glad you all have had such a nice, restful time out camping!! 🙂

    • It was great, Gerri, and I’m so glad you will be coming here. I bet it would even be prettier in fall when the leaves turn and you could see more of the water.

      Even with our awning, there are times we would like to have a screen room. We had a nice one that we bought when we had the Aliner, but it finally bit the dust after 5 years.

      Looking forward to reading your impressions of Doll Mountain. 🙂

  3. Patricia

     /  August 7, 2013

    I enjoy your blog very much and especially like the layout. Where can I get more info on this blog template?

  4. Patricia, thanks for your nice comment about my blog.

    It’s WordPress’s Comet Theme. I just changed the background color to go with my header photo.

    • Patricia

       /  August 7, 2013

      Would you believe I started a blog at that same site today? It is a work in progress for me.
      I have some big decisions to make in the very near future about my current 2013 camper that is in Indiana to have the side walls replaced after only 10 months. I am discouraged at the poor quality of this expensive new unit that already has water damage and am seriously considering purchasing a Casita. Your blog has been valuable to me, thank you.

      • Patricia, I really have enjoyed WordPress. They’ve been trouble free for me since the beginning.

        Casitas are small, and they are not for everyone. But if the small size is okay with you, I don’t know of a better built trailer. I bought my 2005 used, and it still feels almost new to me.

        Good luck, whatever you decide. 🙂

  5. I hear your angst about returning to ‘the real world’. Especially with a list of maintenance chores awaiting. At times like this, do you ever fleetingly think it might be nice to full-time?

    • Yes, Kim. I do think about it a lot. If I didn’t have an upside down mortgage on a place that needs repairs, I’d be out of there. Our place feels like a ball and chain to me.

      I’d probably eventually rent a small — and I am talking very small — place just for a home base where lawn maintenance was not my responsibility. Or simply buy a small piece of land in the mountains or somewhere beautiful just so I’d have a place to land now and then.

      But I would plan on being gone unless I was sick or just needed a little down time.

  6. what campground is this?

    • Doll Mountain at Carter’s Lake in North Georgia.

      • Is it hard to get into the campground? Does it have a boat launch? I’ve been wanting to paddle at Carters Lake… Do you have a favorite camp site?

        • No, it’s not hard to get to the campground, at least not the way we came. We came up 411 and turned on 136, then took 238 (I think) to Doll Mountain Road.

          Yes, they do have boat launches, both from the campground and from the day use area right down the road.

          We like the sites farther back a lot better than the sites nearer the entrance to the campground. We are in #41 and love it. The higher numbered loop above us has better water views, but ours is a perfect blend of woods and water views.

          • did you see any of the flooding in Gilmer and Pickens today. It’s really hit N GA this week.

            • No, I didn’t see it, but I heard about it today. I also heard of flash floods up here, including Ellijay and East Ellijay, before we left home, so called the campground before we came. One of the roads was 136 south of here, but not the part of 136 we came in on.

              We are high and dry and the route we took is in great shape.

  7. Is it already time to go? Oh well it sure was a beautiful place to relax. To bad you had so much rain.
    When I got home I called 4 places about getting a new carport awning, not one company has called me back. So next week I will start calling some new ones. I’m glad none of the others need the work must be nice.

    Tomorrow is the big day for me!

    • Yes, it’s already time to go. This week seems like it had about 3 days!

      It’s so frustrating when people don’t call you back.

      I can’t wait to see your new camper on your new truck. WOW! What fun you will have!

  8. Sympathize with the work waiting at home. We were standing in water taking showers for weeks before the trip. (Should have married a plumber!)

    Our current camp at Lake Mendocino has only had 1 inch of rain since December….dry and dusty everywhere. Seems like mother nature should spread it around better.

    • We had flash flood warnings coming and going, but fortunately they were not on our route. We made it home safely late this afternoon.

      Wow…. one inch of rain since December. That is scary!

      Now that I am home and recognize there is no way out of the tasks ahead of me, I have accepted it and pretty much come to terms with doing one project at a time. On the bright side, I bet I’ll lose a few pounds! 🙂

      I think I learned the basics of what I need to know working on the Aliner and Casita. So glad I have that training under my belt!

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