Red Green Strikes Again

Red Green would be so proud!  :D

Red Green would be so proud! 😀

It looked like it might rain this morning, so I decided I’d better get my emergency refrigerator vent cover up.  I had planned to tape two bags together, and tape in a couple of pleats so I would have plenty of air volume going in.

But I only had one bag left, so the above is the result.  I figured the hot air escaping through the top vent would draw enough cool air in the bottom.  It seems to be working, as the refrigerator is maintaining its temperature setting.

BTW, my Red Green book storage is working out great, too.  😀

One of the areas that is level enough to fish from the bank.

One of the areas that is level enough to fish from the bank.

Ron didn’t feel like fishing today, so I climbed down to the bottom of our hill, perched precariously on a tree root, and fished by myself.  It was kind of nice having the time to myself without hubby or dogs.

My mouth was all primed for fried fish, cheese grits and homemade cole slaw tonight.  I was really anticipating dinner!  But as time passed, without the first nibble, I started thinking of a Plan B.

Looking toward our site from the boat launch area

Looking toward our site from the boat launch area

We had grilled chicken, mashed potatoes and green beans instead.

Our campfire  :)

Our campfire 🙂

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  1. Sorry the fish weren’t biting but dinner still sounds like it was yummy!! 🙂

  2. EmilyO

     /  August 3, 2013

    Love the campfire. Easy to snuff out when it’s bed time.

  3. How’s the old line go? ‘If it’s stupid and it works, it ain’t stupid!’ I love making things work like that. I had to look up who Red Green was though!

    • Kate, actually it’s very embarrassing! But it will keep the rain out until the new part arrives. I figure it’s better to poke fun at it than to cry over it! 🙂

      • Aw, you may be embarrassed but _I_ think it’s _brilliant_. You do what works!

  4. It’s wise to have a plan b. I haven’t gone fishing yet this year. Hope I didn’t buy that permit for nothing.

    • Oh my! You must get out at least once while the permit is good, Jo! Even if you don’t catch anything, just being out there is so peaceful.

  5. lynne

     /  August 3, 2013

    Love how you are so optimistic! Fish for dinner!

    Don’t understand how that vent came off…..never heard of it happening to anyone.

    Have fun.

    • Someone else commented a couple of days ago that he had lost one and he knew of others who had lost one, too. Before that, I thought I was the only one it had ever happened to.

      I think I must not have had the right plastic clip secured. I can’t see any other way it could have happened. I’ll be a lot more careful about checking it in the future.

  6. Love it! Sounds like you Plan B was a good one too.

    • Yes, plan B worked out. But I sure hope that vent gets here tomorrow because my fix is such an eyesore! 🙂

  7. I really like your “Campfire”…sorry about the fishing….can’t understand why they don’t cooperate….it is there destiny in life to be a Campers meal….keep relaxing and sleep with the windows open….the sounds of nature are a cure all…Horst sends

    • Well, Ron bought some crickets this evening, so we’ll try again tomorrow. Maybe they are just picky eaters!

      The campground has almost emptied out tonight. It’s just heavenly. Everything you could want in a campground!

  8. cozybegone

     /  August 4, 2013

    Cheese grits! Lv, Lv, Lv… Wish I could get Jer on board with them.

    Nice boulders!! 🙂

    • I think you either grow up eating grits, or they are a lost cause. I don’t know many converts.

      I remember the first time I left the south and stopped for breakfast. I couldn’t believe people served potatoes with eggs! This was back in ’67. We finally found some stone ground grits at Knott’s Berry Farm in California. I was in heaven!

      Yeah… the boulders are a nice touch, aren’t they? 😀

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