Brief Update on the Curtains

The magnetic curtain rod

The magnetic curtain rod

The curtains for the Casita door window are finished, and they turned out cuter than I expected.  I still need to sew the little plastic rings to the back of the pleats.  Actually they are mini draperies instead of curtains.

The holdup is waiting for paint to dry.

Sneak peek at curtains

Sneak peek at curtains

Ron found some gorgeous magnetic curtain rods that are the same color as the Casita’s interior hardware.   I have some strong magnets that I will contact cement to the door so that I don’t have to drill holes in it.  However, since I will be removing the curtain rod during the day and storing it in the closet, I wanted to paint the magnets white so they will be virtually invisible when the door is propped open when we are out camping.

I don’t know if the magnets would rust or not.  But just to be safe I sprayed them with Rustoleum primer, then painted them with white Rustoleum enamel.  It will take 24 hours for the paint to completely dry.  (Especially since I got it on too thick!)  🙂

The magnetic mounts for the curtain rod are covered with a non-skid material that will keep them from sliding on the magnets.  However, as strong as the magnets are, I have no worries about their not holding.  I think we could even give a good tug to the curtains without disturbing their hold.

So, assuming Murphy stays away, I should have them up tomorrow.

I had intended to have the new spice racks up and the new faucet in by now.  But I am moving in slow motion, probably due to the rain, and am having a hard time getting started on much of anything!

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  1. Can you really have Rustoleum paint on too thick? I think not. 😉

  2. Marie Short

     /  July 17, 2013

    soooo cute!

  3. Can’t wait to see the final look!!! Where did you find the magnetic rod? We are so excited…heading to Ohio on Saturday to pick up our LD.

    • Gerri, I was wondering when you were going to pick it up. I had forgotten when you told me.

      Ron found the rod at Walmart. It was with the curtain rods, but it was just lying there like someone decided not to buy it. So it may have been from the bathroom section of the store.

  4. Can’t wait to see them!

    • I hope they look good up. They are a little wide, as I made them before I bought the rod. But I think I can overlap the center and make it right. That would be better for privacy, anyway!

  5. Where do you find magnetic curtain rods?

  6. Susanne Williams

     /  July 17, 2013

    I really enjoy your blog and just learned something very useful. Thank you!

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  7. Can’t wait to see then hanging up so far they look great.

  8. EmilyO

     /  July 17, 2013

    That is going to be so cool. I remember many years ago I wanted a curtain rod for a metal back door. I looked and looked to see if anyone made magnetic ones and ended up making my own magnetic rod – pretty crude. Alas, a year or so later, they are all over the place. You are so clever. You keep inspiring me. I can’t wait to get my hands on Eggie.

    • I can’t wait to see what you do with Eggie, too! After all you’ve done in the house, it ought to be a breeze working in her! 🙂

  9. Inspiring me, also! Valences are much needed in here and I know I can sew them…it’s the hanging that worries me.
    Love how you seem to know how to do everything!

    • Lynne, about knowing how to do everything… I make it up as I go along.

      For instance, today I needed something to hold my magnets up off the paper so they wouldn’t stick to it when I spray painted them. Then I saw the aspirin bottle. So I balanced each magnet on top of an aspirin and it worked like a charm! 😀

      Necessity really IS the mother of invention!

  10. Who’s Murphy? Thinking a tropical storm…I need to follow news more. You come up with the best stuff. Magnetic…perfect! Love the fabric… Spice rack? I have over 35 jars of spices in the microwave pantry….something has to give. Can’t decide which ones to keep…ugh! So closing over. Stopped at skin doc before hand instead of Monday. Darn it had to cut out spot on shin and sending in for biopsy. Now I have a bandage that will need changed tomorrow…Mr. Jer in charge of that. Biggest baby ever! So hopeful it all comes back ok and trying not to think about it. So he rode his bike nine miles without me. Gnats and humidity and 90’s here. So what better day to sit in Casita air, leg up and catch up with all my paperwork. 4GB left of data that expires for the month on the 20th with Verizon…wahoo! Had ants…gross. Took care of that. Enjoyed the Laundromat…how funny is that! Back to my mess, trip planning….and sweet tea! xo Guess I should have just emailed you LOL

    • Murphy… you know, the Law of Murphy: If anything can go wrong, it will. 😀

      Actually I want a beautiful little white wood spice rack, but can’t find one and don’t want to make one right now. So will just replace the rusted rack that came in the Casita with another one like it.

      I keep a small plastic drawer full of the most necessary spices in the pantry (where the microwave would be). Keeps them handy and out of my way. It was tough cutting them down. I have as many as I can cram in that little drawer, and just do without the others.

      Sorry about the skin problems. I’ve had a bunch cut/frozen off me, too. Not fun.

      I am tired of Verizon. Have been with them so many years. I learned that my old “new every two” contract is no longer honored because they don’t even have my equipment anymore. Sure do like the old unlimited data contract though. Someday I’ll switch to Millenicom.

      Definitely take bug spray. Even if it’s toxic. We camped out in the woods once and the woods there were invested with german cockroaches. They got in the Aliner. Nothing but toxic old killer bug spray got rid of them. Boric acid would have worked, but I didn’t have any with me.

      I also carry toxic deet (Deep Woods Off) for bug emergencies. I figure a little nerve poison is better than being eaten alive. Right now we are still dealing with chiggers because we didn’t use it. Seems all the rain has bought them out by the millions. And they hurt — for weeks!

      Enjoyed the laundromat? Wow! That’s hard core! 😀 😀 😀

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