Dancing in the Rain

And I’m working on it!  🙂

If it’s still thunder storming in the mountains in a couple of weeks, we’ll just head to a lake in South Carolina out of the rain’s path.

bad weather

We are here

Ron found a scrap of my upholstery material that is just big enough to make a nice set of curtains for the new front door window in the Casita.  So I’ll work on that this week.  I had thought of putting up blinds, but I think a curtain I can take down during the day will stay cleaner.

I also have my new kitchen faucet to install, and I am planning to order a new spice rack and wire shelves from Amazon since the ones in the Casita’s kitchen and bathroom are rusted.

So that’s my version of dancing in the rain!



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  1. Jane

     /  July 7, 2013

    Y’all need to come camp in Alabama. I live in central AL and so far the past week, I have received only 3 inches of rain. It’s all going east or west of the central part of the state. Lots of camp grounds around here! Oak Mountain State Park is right on I-65, just south of Birmingham, and has lakes, a campground and a petting zoo. Come on down!


    • Jane, we were thinking about Alabama, but from the maps it looked like they were getting soaked, too. Good to know it’s missing central Alabama!

      Any way it goes, we are planning to go SOMEWHERE soon! If you are having the same heat and humidity that we are, we might spend most of the trip inside under air conditioning, though! 😀


  2. Can’t wait to see the finished projects! I love your upholstery and it should look fabulous with the new window.


    • I hope so! Some day I will have to come up with a creative cover up for the fan wiring seam, too. 🙂


  3. We have been getting thunder for hours now and rain. I am getting very antsy and need to go somewhere.
    Can’t wait to see your new curtain.


    • Cabin fever. Sorry you have it, too! 🙂

      I’m trying to figure out how to do the curtains. Don’t have enough material for deep pleats like the valances.


  4. Rain, rain, go away and come back another day… Miserable when it just sits on top of you for days…hopeful it clears out soon especially for your Carolina getaway. So we sat in the Casita and Jerry says…what about blind pockets. Like take a pillow case, pulling over the blinds, making it a roman shade. Of course, pillow cases not big enough but he thinks he’s got a winner. Me, I’m not so sold. Today we see what exactly fits from the house into the Casita (hoping between it and the truck we aren’t top heavy!)…. half the house moved yesterday. Probably say good-bye to the king-size bed in a few days and the washer and dryer…one step closer to moving outdoors O:)


    • Carla, the idea of home made Roman shades sounds intriguing, but I can’t picture how it would work. When you try it please let me know. I’d love something that insulated a little better than the blinds, especially in cold weather. But I love the light and view filtering qualities of the blinds.

      Everyone always says to make sure you take your trailer to scales and weigh it when it’s fully loaded to make sure you aren’t over 3500 lbs and to see how much weight is on each tire and the tongue. I never have, but keep thinking I ought to when it’s fully loaded.

      Start out with the bare essentials and add only what you absolutely must have. Life is so much more enjoyable in a Casita when it’s not cram packed to the gills. Mine drives me crazy when it gets stuffed and cluttered.

      Ouch… you will miss that washer and dryer! 🙂

      It’s close now…. I sure wish I were following in your footsteps… for a while, at least! 🙂


  5. I made block out curtains that I hang from grommets under the shades…got pattern on forum. Sure we’ll be trying out at a Walmart or two. I want Jerry to agree to a weigh in … I did get two craft totes into one today. SHOES are really on my big list right now. DARN full timing in a Casita…more to the girls and can always do more shopping when we travel through…you are so right, I like the less than more idea too!


    • Our first Walmart overnight was such an adventure! Still haven’t tried a truck stop!

      Crafts…. that’s a stumper in a Casita. I carry a couple of tatting and cross stitching projects. Full time, I would probably have to buy all my supplies from scratch every time I wanted to do a project. I used to also enjoy beading, but would have to just buy kits if I did that on the road. Maybe you can put some supplies in the truck?


  6. And I wish you were following us … you’d set me straight on the arrow! :O)


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