Leaving Clark Creek

Mimosa flowers.  Looks like a cotton candy tree.

Mimosa flowers. Looks like a cotton candy tree.

The thunderstorms won.  We left the campground a day early.

Mimosa tree

Mimosa tree

We learned more about which campgrounds work for us and which ones don’t.

Clark Creek would have been ideal if we had a boat or kayaks.  But we have neither.

We also discovered that we get terribly bored if we camp where there are no trails to explore.  We (and the dogs) need places to wander and discover new things.

Another natural valentine

Another natural valentine

So we are home now.  We’ll ride out the thunderstorms here instead of in the Casita in a campground.  🙂

And mushrooms

And mushrooms

....which I was too lazy to bother to try to identify..  :)

….which I was too lazy to bother to try to identify.. 🙂






  1. EmilyO

     /  June 18, 2013

    Love the things we learn with our little Casitas.

    • Emily, camping in the Casita with a hubby and two dogs teaches me a lot about myself and how I need to work on being more flexible and less critical–or persnickity, too. I think I learn more about myself each trip out.

  2. I used to love being in my camper in the rain for about 2 days after that it was more than enough.
    Sorry you had to cut your trip short. Yes that’s alot of bodies in a small space. But the sun will shine again and you can go out.

    • Jo, our 10 day forecast doesn’t show much except thunderstorms. We are making up for our multi-year drought big time!

  3. At.times lazy is good !

  4. Won’t be long and I’ll be able to feel the closeness during days of rain and winter darkness. Sounds like it’s a good test on your soul! Cotton candy pink….pretty!

    • I think people who have a lot of energy and like to go and see all the sights do better when the weather isn’t good. Ron and I both like to wander around and explore the woods, trails, plants and mushrooms instead of going to see all the local attractions. So the weather probably affects us more.

  5. That’s one of the things I love about getting away – you learn so much about yourself. I guess because our thoughts and actions are more concentrated, undiluted by the many responsibilities of home life.

    I bet you are already planning your next adventure!

  6. WOW!! Your title bar picture is fabulous!! Hope you just changed it and I haven’t been just passing it by on previous visits 🙂

    • Yes, I changed it. It was my favorite shot of our Casita at Clark Creek. Loved your reaction to it! 🙂

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