Crazy Campground Weekend

Sheba is fascinated at all the weekend campground activity

Sheba is fascinated at all the weekend campground activity

I suppose that because this campground is so close to Atlanta, it gets really crazy on the weekends!

Crazy crowded

Crazy crowded

Most of the families mind their own business and enjoy themselves without bothering anyone.  But there are the others.  Like the guy staggering around his campsite with an open beer in his hand — and 3 more cans in his pockets.  Or the group that tied their two pontoon boats together in the water a few yards out from our site, and used them for a party platform.

More boats

More boats

Or the jet ski with an oil burning problem that smoked us out with a huge blue cloud of burnt oil — then had the gall to park it so it blocked our lake access.  Or the boats with screaming country music blasting — which the ranger finally put a stop to!

Party platform

Party platform

Actually, I think it’s funny what a fuddy duddy I have become.  I have the privilege of going camping anytime I want to.  Most of these people have a short weekend to unwind from the stress of their work week and cram all the fun they can into two short days. So while they irritate me, I do try to remember that, although I am old now, I was young — and stupid — a long time ago.  Well, I was young a long time ago.  I really HOPE I was only stupid a long time ago!  😀

A family peacefully enjoying their weekend

A family peacefully enjoying their weekend

The storm that came through day before yesterday took the heavy humidity with it when it passed. So the temperatures yesterday and earlier today were just perfect, accompanied by a nice breeze.  It did get more humid this afternoon and was uncomfortable for a while.  But it cooled off nicely when the sun went down.

We have not used our air conditioner for two days!  Since we are in deep shade, the fan has been all we have needed.

Ron ignores the circus

Ron ignores the circus

We left our bait worms out when the storm hit, and they drowned.  We both tried on and off to fish from the bank with artificial lures, but haven’t had any luck.  I haven’t seen anyone fishing from the bank catch anything.  I did see one guy in a boat pull in a small fish earlier today.  Maybe there’s just too much motorized activity on the water.

Anyway, the weekenders should start leaving tomorrow morning, and serenity should return by tomorrow night!

Lovely visitors.  This looks like a watercolor, doesn't it?

Lovely visitors. This looks like a watercolor, doesn’t it?



  1. Linnith

     /  June 15, 2013

    We enjoy you posts. My husband and I are camping in our Casita this weekend. Our first trip since he retired in Feb.

    • Linnith, congratulations on hubby’s retirement! Wishing you many, many happy camping trips in the future! And thanks for checking in on my blog. 🙂

  2. laugh out loud … I say the same thing when I’m out and about … I try to just ignore it as Ron does… and I attribute my annoyance to my youthful karma … I was young and verrrry schtupid…

    loved the Grandpa and baby birds post yesterday too ….

    • Glad it tickled you. It WAS funny. Sounds like something you would write. 😀

      The grandpa and family are still here… and still as special as ever!

  3. It’s amazing how easily annoyed I get at people camping in MY campground. Imagine! It’s so easy to get spoiled with mid-week camping that I find myself pretty short on patience/tolerance sometimes, too. In any case, retirement trumps working, so guess we just have to try to put up with it.

    • Today it’s blissfully quiet again here. Ahhhhhhhh!

      I’m glad that the weekend campers get their turn. It’s just, I think they are under so much stress all week that they need to blow off steam when they finally get away from work.

      I feel so blessed that we are already retired!

  4. I guess you not alone in the announce dept.. We had that same noise problem when we went camping a few weeks ago. But it was a week day not a weekend. Hope it is peaceful for the rest of your stay.
    OH and the worms should still have worked for your fishing.

    • Wish I had known about the worms, Jo. We threw them out. And its nice and quiet again here today!

  5. Wishing you renewed peace and serenity later today. I’m very impatient with that kind of atmosphere. John would do what Ron did. But, you are right, it helps to remember the young and stupid days.

    • Actually, I got a kick out of remembering some of my young and stupid days. What fun we had… and we really didn’t care what the old people thought. So this is payback! 😀

  6. Reminds me of our stop at Rend Lake COE…the loop we were in housed local workers who actually lived there in their tents. No sure how they were able to move site to site. Come about 4pm, he’d they would come, up went the music, out came the refreshments, and then it was time to play washers! I’ll remember to look very carefully which site to pick…and I’m sure that means a lot of boondocking in the middle of no where :O) Hold on – we getting close to Monday!! bye-bye….

    • We have learned, as I’m sure you will, to pick the most private spots in a campground, and also to avoid sites that get full afternoon sun. Our location here shielded us from the worst of the weekend craziness.

      Wilderness boondocking is my idea of the ultimate camping experience. How I envy people like RVSue who can just find a beautiful location and plop down in it! I guess we could do better here in the East if I did a lot of research. But Ron likes campground amenities, so we are pretty much restricted to finding nice, inexpensive campgrounds.

      Today all of the weekend campers are gone. It’s just blissful here! We survived! 😀

      • cozybegone

         /  June 16, 2013

        You survived!!!! Hard to comment until I experience a BLM boondock but amenities I’m sure will be on the top of my list time to time! I’ll be looking for shade but no tree ticks! Finally Jerry is healing…that bulls eye almost gone but the upset stomach from antibiotics from the doc has not been good. Off to herb shop today for mega sprays of all kinds of smells….rose geranium, peppermint oil, and their homemade ground spread. I think I am getting paranoid! I’ll write soon….feeling overwhelmed! I must not be scared….all new but know we will figure it all out! xo

  7. Remembering that most folks are cramming as much as they can into a short weekend helps me as well. The younger they are, the easier it is to enjoy their antics. I guess its OK to be young and stupid, harder to tolerate old and still stupid!

    • Yeah, the old and still stupid people are the worst! Thankfully, we don’t see quite so many of those! 🙂

  8. BTW – Sheba looks SO happy in that photo!

    • Anne, she was in doggie heaven. I have never seen her look so happy and intrigued with her surroundings before!

  9. lynne

     /  June 16, 2013

    .survived the weekend crowd! Aren’t you glad they are gone!

    Sheba looks so pretty.

    • Yes, it’s bliss! But thunderstorms are moving in now. Crossword and good book times ahead. 🙂

  10. wldmtngrl

     /  June 16, 2013

    Is it stupidity or just inconsideration? Or both. Glad the crowds cleared out.

    • Mostly inconsideration, when I think about it. There’s a lot of that going around. And yes, I’m very glad they are gone now, too! 🙂

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