New Window Vent & Camping Preps

The new Window Maxx vent

The new Window Maxx vent

I got the new vent for the Casita’s dinette window installed yesterday.  Today we got a gusher of a downpour, so I was able to test the trailer with the roof fan vent open under its cap, and the rear and dinette windows open with their Window Maxx vents.

I was thrilled that not a drop of rain got into the trailer!  So we now have excellent ventilation without hookups, even in the rain.

We’re planning to go to Lake Allatoona Wednesday.  I’m not sure which campground yet.  But some of the campgrounds keep waterfront sites open for walk-ins.  And we should be able to get a nice one if we arrive in the middle of the week.

Ron finishing the mowing so we can go camping

Ron finishing the mowing so we can go camping

It’s going to be hot.  But, like Ron said, it will be hot here, too.  Partially cloudy days mixed with intermittent thunderstorms are predicted.  So at least the sun won’t be blasting us full time.  As long as we have a breeze, we will be okay.

We are so excited to be getting out!  And Sheba will have a lake to splash in!

I took the dogs to the vet for checkups Friday.  Sheba is doing great.  I was afraid Sunny wasn’t doing well because he has lost two pounds and sometimes has trouble standing.  But the vet said the weight loss is no cause for concern.  He said the trouble standing is due to arthritis in his hips.  So we are going to try supplements and hope they help enough that he will not need arthritis meds for a while.




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  1. The Tiny Camper just keeps getting better and better. I’m so glad you are getting away. Ron’s right – so what if it’s hot? With hook-ups and some nice a/c blowing, you can lean back in your lovely little house, read a book or gaze at the lake.

    Looking forward to your trip report.

    • Kim, I used to dream of being able to get a brand new shiny Casita. But this one has so many wonderful features now that I wouldn’t trade it even if I could!

      We will probably hibernate in the A/C during the hottest part of the day. But that will be fun, too! It feels so good to be able to plan a getaway!

      Oh yeah… we’ll probably have some of your white hot crossword action, too. 😀

  2. I love the planning and then the going. Hope to be able to take off next week again.

    • I love the planning, the going…. and the coming home. But just for a long pit stop. 🙂

  3. cozygirl

     /  June 10, 2013

    Perfect…no leaks!!! And a plan to get out of dodge and try it all out! I’ll have to google where you are headed! Hoping you find something that will comfort Sunny. P.S. We just got a contract…will write more on it later. Have to figure out when to break the news at work. Close July 19…and then where? Well to be determined :O) xo

    • CONGRATULATIONS ON THE CONTRACT!!!!! That’s awesome news!!! July 19 will be here before you can blink!!!!

  4. MaxxAire vents are a very good investment. The additional benefit is they protect your vent covers and are tougher so fewer repair parts in the long run. Congrats, you should consider doing Casita upgrades for others!
    Have a great trip.

    • EEEKKKKK!!!! I only do my repairs because I have to. I sure wouldn’t want to take on others’ projects, too! 🙂

  5. kathi

     /  June 10, 2013

    When I had my dog Daisy she had arthritis as she got older. I tried a homoeopathic product called “joint relief” and It was made by a company called Homeopet (there is also another company called King Bio) and it worked miracles. She stopped needing help getting up in the Roadtrek and you could just see she felt better. I take homeopathics myself now. Homeopets “hotspot” remedy works wonders too. Have fun and enjoy!

    • Thanks for the tip, Kathi. I want my little Sunny to be able to take walks and enjoy camping for years to come, so I will look for it.

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