It’s a Non-Issue. Whew!

The previous owner was a great lover of silicone!

The previous owner was a great lover of silicone!

I feel so foolish!  I ALWAYS assume the worst when something goes wrong, as I did with the antenna.  I was sure it was broken and would require reinstallation and resealing.

Once I got up there and took a close look, I was able to simply turn the antenna back to its original position.  Nothing is broken.  Nothing has to be fixed.

That’s great, because it is starting to sprinkle outside.

I plan to leave the antenna as it is for now.  Eventually I’ll replace it with a new digital antenna.  At that point, I’ll remove all the silicone and use a much better sealant on the new one.

Thanks to you guys for your advice.  I really appreciate it, even though it turned out I didn’t need it right now.  🙂




  1. cozygirl

     /  May 30, 2013

    Amen to that! Nice to be surprised that something isn’t what we expect it to be…a simple twist and you are back in business :O)

  2. alex

     /  May 30, 2013

    Hi I have the same antenna, from 2006, and it works fine with my digital TV. Be sure and plug a TV in sometime, an upgrade may not be necessary. Incidentally, I use mine a lot and it gets pretty good reception (as compared by other campers)

    • Alex, that is great news! Someone else had told me a while back that it was a good antenna. But I wasn’t sure it would be that good. So glad to hear of your experience with it.

  3. Great news!!!

    I do the same thing. Something goes wrong and my mind is on a lightening-fast track to the worst possible scenario. I’m aware of it and working on it – LOL!

    • I’m aware of it and working on it, too. I’m making a little progress — sometimes! 🙂

  4. I love it when a problem just disappears!

  5. JerryC

     /  May 30, 2013

    Glad things worked out to your benefit. I personally think that a “digital antenna” is just a selling point. The bigger thing is the SIGNAL. Digital has a weaker signal than the old analog. IF the signal is there, a coat hanger will pick it up in most case’s.

    • I’ve seen DIY “digital” antennas made of coat hanger wire on the net, Jerry. I don’t know why I thought I needed some magical upgrade! I appreciate your comment.

  6. That was a great surprise. Looks good and at least you can do it in the furture.

    • Jo, from the comments I’ve gotten, it looks like I won’t need to upgrade. The one I have is fine!

  7. I love Hope’s pictures! You have incredible talented kinfolks!

    Glad the antenna works. We took down the batwing right after we bought the trailer…guess we should have kept it!

    • Hope can find more beauty and magic in a 3′ square than I can on a whole mountain! Glad you enjoyed her photos.

      Live and learn about the antenna. I just assumed ours was outdated because “everyone” says you need an updated digital antenna.

  8. Great to hear it was not a problem. I can sure relate and it really does feel good when things just work out. That antenna should work fine, just keep in mind that in some spots no antenna will do the job.

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