Camping Plans, a Little Progress & Sheba’s Buddy

Playing is hard work!

Playing is hard work!

I found out today that the campground we were planning to visit next week has still not reopened since the early May floods.  So I’m not sure whether we will get out next week or the following week.

Wood support for the Fantastic Fan

Wood support for the Fantastic Fan

In the meantime, I have just finished making my fourth interior support for the Fantastic Fan installation.  I can’t cut straight cuts with my jig saw, can’t get it to look like I want it to look, so have finally given up and will just use this one the way it is.  Tomorrow I’ll get the wiring done, then, between rains, cut the hole in the Casita’s roof and FINALLY get the thing installed–hopefully this week.

Chase and Sheba

Chase and Sheba

I am so afraid of this job, so have done some serious foot dragging on getting started!  I also have to cut the plastic interior surround down which involves scoring the plastic sides, cutting the corners, then breaking the plastic along the score lines.  I do hope I don’t destroy it in the process!

Today my neighbor Cindy brought her dog Chase down to play with Sheba.  Sheba loves it when Chase comes to visit.  They have a blast together.  They play until they get

Another shot of Chase and Sheba

Another shot of Chase and Sheba

tired, take breaks, then play again until they are exhausted.

In the meantime, Cindy and I get to catch up on each other’s news.

My favorite roses, again.

My favorite roses, again.




  1. Sheba and Chase sound like REAL buddies, that is so cool. Good luck with the Fan upgrade. Just GO SLOW.

    • They are like two toddlers playing together. 🙂

      I am planning to go VERY slowly with the fan. One step at a time. I’ll be so glad when that job is behind me, though! 🙂

    • kathy nik

       /  May 23, 2013

      Wonderful photos of the dogs together! Chase looks just like my wonderful dog Pal from back in the ’50s, who was a stray my parents allowed my brother and I to keep. We didn’t know she was a female until she had puppies! I took the puppies in my decorated wagon for the 4th of July parade, and of course they kept jumping out! I won a prize! The 5 puppies were all eventually adopted!

      Can’t imagine installing that fan! I have every confidence in you!

      • Kathy, Chase has the cutest personality I have ever seen in a dog. He is so happy, it just bubbles out of him. And just looking at him makes me laugh and bubble, too! He was dumped on our rural road and Cindy rescued him. She has other dogs (also rescues), but Chase is the one she has the most fun with.

        I am taking a break on the fan project right now. I am going ever so slowly, and as soon as I get stressed I come inside the house and take a long break. But at least it is a work in progress now.

  2. Happy Birthday, Sheba!

    I so admire you for the DIY on the fan installation.

    • Kim, Sheba is 15 months old now. She was born in February 2012. But I’ll pass on the birthday wishes. She won’t know the difference! 😀

      I will probably admire me if I get the thing installed and it works!

  3. I love the fact that the playmate you got for your dog has her own playmate now. Is there no end to this? Maybe you should just break down and get a kitten for your canines?

    Take your time with the fan…as you ‘noodle’ it over, you’ll see the correct path. Measure twice, cut once….as they say.

    • Judy, I would so love to have a cat if I could find one that liked to travel like my sister Gail’s cat Gertie. But a Casita, two people and two dogs is about all we can handle right now! There are a couple of other neighbor dogs that like to visit, too. Thankfully they only visit for a while and then leave!

      That fan installation has been hanging over my head like a Sword of Damocles for way too long. The only way to escape the apprehension is to “just do it.” 😦

  4. good luck on all fronts, camping and your fantastic fan.
    I’m still waiting for my truck tent. Of course it’s only been 2 1/2 days.

    • Thanks, Jo! Hope you get your camper soon. I see you have decided on the truck tent. Will make for fun camping.

  5. I am keeping my fingers crossed for you….sending good vibes on the fan install.

    Sheba is such a beautiful dog!

    • Thanks for the good wishes. I had to cut the carpet to get the wires under it because the foam collected around my coat hanger and made impassible globs. I’ll reglue the carpet with contact cement after I’m finished. Hopefully it won’t be too noticeable.

      Sheba IS beautiful… and we love her more every day. She’s still a pain sometimes, but we couldn’t imagine being without her now.

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