Still on West Point Lake

Our view with the weekend campers gone

Our view with the weekend campers gone

The campground almost emptied today.  It’s such a different atmosphere when the weekenders leave.

Another Casita in the next loop

Another Casita in the next loop

The thunderstorms that we expected weren’t nearly as bad as predicted.  There was occasional thunder and sporadic light showers.  But we still had plenty of time to get out for nice walks with the dogs.

While we were out, we spotted another Casita and walked over to their loop to say hello.  Their door was open, but no one was outside, so we didn’t bother them.  Maybe we can meet them tomorrow.

The tent sites are empty now

The tent sites are empty now

I did enjoy photographing a robin who was apparently having good luck hunting worms that the rain brought to the surface.

Due to the on and off rain, I spent much of the day inside reading.  I really appreciate this chance to just veg out for a couple of days because when we get home, we have our work cut out for us.  The yard is a disaster from all the limbs

Blackbirds at the lake's edge

Blackbirds at the lake’s edge

that blew down over the winter.  And there’s a lot of other sprucing up that needs to be done.




Geese family

Geese family

Ron with Sheba and Sunny

Ron with Sheba and Sunny


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  1. Really nice pictures of the lake and birds.
    It is still quiet here too but that’s OK with the few that are here.

    • The calm before the storm? 🙂

      Wishing you a fun summer with lots of beauty and the company of good friends!

  2. Love the one of the robin. I can hear the quiet. Too bad returning home results in so much WORK! I hate that part.

    • The peace just seeps into us here, Kim. I love the quiet!

      I wish the work didn’t hit all at once, but it seems to as soon as we hit the driveway, doesn’t it?

  3. I always found it so refreshing when the campers left and I had the place to myself. Despite the rain, I feel you’re still in your element just relaxing and taking in the views. Such freedom away from the home front. Maybe you could train Sheba to gather all the sticks when you get home :O) Hoping your seeing sunshine this Monday morning. Of course 70’s and sunny for next two days and I’m back to work….guess just have to take a few extra walks around the building.

    • We do love having the place to ourselves! And I do love being here. I’m alternating between never wanting to leave to being anxious to get home and give the trailer a deep cleaning. The rugs are muddy and the trailer smells kind of like wet dog. 🙂

      I am seriously going to see if Sheba will fetch some of the limbs for us. She is really good at moving them where she wants them anyway. 😀

      There’s a slight chance of rain today and it’s cloudy, but it’s still beautiful.

      It will be SO wonderful when you don’t have to go back to work ever again! Hope the house sells SOON!

  4. So glad to hear that the rain missed you….we got many inches…3 to 5 over the weekend!

    Enjoy the serenity….the work will be waiting for you, but sunny warm weather will make the outdoor chores enjoyable.
    Glad to hear that Sheba is maturing!

    • I’m sorry you got the brunt of the rain, but I really am glad it missed us. 🙂

      It was supposed to thunderstorm today, but turned into a beautiful day.

      All this exercise has been fantastic for me. So at least, with the yard work waiting, I will stay active when I get home.

      Sheba is definitely maturing. I enjoy her most of the time now. 😀

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