Lake Seminole

corner site

A nice, private corner site

Across the street from our site

Across the street from our site

We are at Lake Seminole on the GA/FL/AL border.  It’s the Eastbank COE camp.  The last time we stayed here we had a site right on the water.  That section of the campground looks like an upscale RV park — but there is no shade and no privacy!  And people are always walking through your site there to get to the water.

This time we asked for a site that was more private where the dogs would have more room.  We got a site in the back loop, away from the water…. and it’s just perfect for us.  It’s more like a campground than an RV park on this side.  And we can still see the lake from our site.

Our front yard

Our front yard

When we got here, it was hot as blazes!  I don’t know what the temperature was, but with the humidity it felt like it was in the steaming 90’s.  But once we got our awning up and could sit in shade, the breezes off the lake kept it from being too uncomfortable to sit outside.  The direct sun did bake us from around 3:00 – 6:00, but after that the sun dropped behind the trees and it was manageable again.

Sheba surveying her new domain

Sheba surveying her new domain

Right after we got set up, a guy stopped to talk to Ron.  Turns out, he is from Michigan and retired from the railroad.  Since Ron retired from the railroad, that gave them a lot to talk about.  Then we learned that the other guy’s name was Ron, too.  AND, they are headed for Ft. Pickens on Friday; we are headed there on Sunday.  It was one of those “really small world” experiences.

Shady spot under the picnic table

Shady spot under the picnic table

We are camping here because we couldn’t get reservations for Ft. Pickens  until April 21.  We needed a cheap site with electricity for the air conditioner in the meantime.  So we came here and are paying $11.00 a night with our senior pass.

Unusual cloud formation

Unusual cloud formation


  1. Lovely view!

    Looks like our 3 weeks of Spring are over. Sigh…..

    • As long as it took spring to arrive, you would think she might hang around for a while! At least it beats endless winter… at least, so far! 🙂

  2. Nice looking camp ground and yes it doesn’t look like and RV Park at all. You have humidty we still have high winds.
    Great price to have electic.

    • The senior pass offering reduced camping rates is one of the most wonderful perks of getting older!

  3. I’ve heard so much about Lake Seminole…all good… except for one lady in FL who picked up an infestation of sugar ants. She may have been carrying too many cookies!

    Glad to hear that all is good….enjoy the week!

    • We have not seen any ants in the trailer this time. When we stayed here before, we sprayed our tires, tongue jack, and made sure our cords and hoses were off the ground. This time, we didn’t do anything special. I do have a bottle of insect killer that I will use as a last resort if we do see them inside.

      There are ants on the picnic table and they got on our grilling spatula and tongs. But so far they seem to prefer the outdoors.

  4. cozygirl

     /  April 17, 2013

    Nice and roomy with a breeze…sounds perfect to me. Funny how small a world sometimes and connections with someone so similar. What is that 2×4 pc…an extra table? So sweet following along…and I’m keeping notes 🙂

    • cozybegone

       /  April 17, 2013

      P.S. the For Sale sign goes up today….wow I’m in a wild way!!

    • I have no idea what that thing is. All of the more rustic sites in the back have them. It’s not for cleaning fish, because they have a very nice fish cleaning station up the road. We just use it to plop our grill on.

      Maybe it was some guy’s idea of contributing. Just wish he had put instructions on what it was for on it! 😀

  5. We are jealous. You are on the same track as we were in January, Lake Seminole to Ft. Pickens. Be sure to go to Joe Patti’s in Pensacola for some Great Seafood. Can’t wait to see more pictures. Have fun.

    • Thanks for the tip on Joe Patti’s! We rarely leave both dogs, but I also want to see Ft. Pickens, so I guess it’s time to get them used to being left alone in the Casita for a while.

  6. Linnith

     /  April 17, 2013

    Please, what is a senior pass? We have a membership in Coast to Coast but have not done any travel more than a couple of hundred miles from home. I retired last year and my husband retired in Feb. So far we have not had the opportunity to take a trip due to a water leak in our home. We really enjoy your blog. I envy all your travel. Can’t wait.

    Linnith Arnold ~Sent from my iPad

    • Linnith, the America the Beautiful Senior Pass is issued by Forest Service offices to anyone who is 62 or older for a $10 fee. The pass is good for life. It gives you 50% off camping at federal campgrounds like National Forests, National Seashores, Army Corps of Engineers Parks and many other Federal recreation areas.

      It is not good at State Parks — only federal recreation areas, although I have heard that a few state parks honor them. They don’t in any of the state parks I have ever camped in.

      We usually pay $10 – $12 a night with our pass. It is probably a lot cheaper out West, but I’ve never camped there, so don’t know for sure.

      Here’s a link with info about the pass:

  7. kathi

     /  April 17, 2013

    Eastbank is has been home for many a winter for me. I love it there, though I am usually headed back north by the 1st of April. I hope you enjoy your stay. Take the dogs for a nice long walk, out the back gate (theres a walk through on the side) and go past the dam road to another shady road that will take you to the other side of the dam.
    As always, love your updates.

    • Kathi, I walked that path the last time we stayed here. I am having trouble with arthritic hips this time, so I probably won’t walk that far this trip. Hopefully some new meds will make hiking fun again.

      We did take Sheba to the boat launch and let her splash around there today. I’ll post a picture in a little while.

      We are loving this place more and more. I remembered there being no trees or privacy on the lakefront sites and I was WRONG. Talk about a case of faulty memory!!!

  8. Sunny

     /  April 17, 2013

    Looks like a beautiful campsite, one i would be comfortable in. I love the COE campgrounds and always try to find one in the area I am heading for. Although I never thought I’d head for FL, I will put this place on my list for next Jan when I plan to leave PA again and head south, then west. Glad you are enjoying your site. Bet the dogs love it!

    • Sunny, I think you would love it! And the dogs are having a blast. I can actually let them off leash for short periods back here!

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