The Women’s Get Together

Our time here is flying!  One beautiful day flows into another and time tends to lose much meaning.

Kim -- beautiful, sweet, elegant!

Kim — beautiful, sweet, elegant!

RV Buddies, a women’s camping group, was having a get-together at Suwannee River State Park this week — just a few miles from Mom’s place.  I have so wanted to meet Kim (Kimbopolo) and Peggy (Camping Tales) in person.  When I learned they both would be there, I knew that I had to drop in for a visit.

I was not disappointed.  They are a fantastic group of women!  It always amazes me how following a person’s blog creates such a feeling of kinship when you finally get to meet in person!

Peggy, Camping Tales blogger, so much fun, and a fantastic wildlife photographer.

Peggy, Camping Tales blogger, so much fun, and a fantastic wildlife photographer.

They had a huge variety of rigs.  Kim in her Roadtrek that was a lot more spacious inside than I expected; Peggy in her 17′ Coachmen Apex that had huge windows everywhere — including a big window over the kitchen sink that impressed me!  Norma’s 13′ Scamp had a front sofa, front window and huge skylight vent that really opened the space up, along with a fenced in front “yard” for her two little dogs.  And Carla’s conversion van’s layout looked comfortable, cozy, and had some of the coolest lights I’ve seen.

There was also a Pleasureway that I didn’t see inside.  And I’m very sorry to admit that, as usual for me, I’ve forgotten a couple of names.

Carla with her best buddy, and lots of adventurous travel plans.

Carla with her best buddy, and lots of adventurous travel plans.

Carla had a canopy with sides that kept out rain and wind, so we gathered there.  Then when the rain stopped, she pulled the waterproof sides back, leaving the bug netting to screen us.

Lorraine.  Sweet and soft spoken, and Mom to 5 little Yorkies (if I'm not confused again!)  She had two of the little ones with her..

Lorraine. Sweet and soft spoken.  We didn’t give her much chance to get a word in edgewise.  Sorry, Lorraine.  🙂

Now I’m really going to be embarrassed if I find out I got the names confused, but if I did, I promise I’ll correct my mistakes as soon as they are pointed out to me!  😀

I left the group a little after 5:00 because my sister Hope had told me she would have dinner ready at 6:00. She did… and it was superb!!!

We’ll be leaving Mom’s tomorrow after lunch to go camp at Ann’s place for a few days.



  1. How cool you drive to meet this gals. I belong to RVBuddies. But this group in FL. seem to have a blast at least once a month. I wish I could see pics of the conversion van. Get more ideas.
    If I get a van I would love to get down their way and meet up and have some fun.

    • They would love to have you there, Jo. I felt a little funny about asking to take pictures of the inside of peoples’ rigs. But I know what you mean about wanting to see them for ideas.

  2. good pictures! … where’s your picture!? I’m also an RV Buddy member and went to the GTG at Florida Caverns before I came on back home. soooo wet and cold! Homer is not that kind of camper… but I enjoyed it … stayed only that one cooooold wet night… see if I had had a Casita… that was when I was really wanting one … went to the factory in Rice, Texas…

    Just taking a different direction these days….

    • Carolyn, Kim took a picture of me and it will probably be on her blog when she gets back into civilization with a signal — if it turned out. I think they are planning to break camp tomorrow.

      I remember reading about some of your wet and cold times. I cringed for you and was so wishing you had a way to stay warm and cozy.

  3. Lucky you!! Meeting blog friends is so great!! Matching the personality from the blog to a face is priceless. So good to hear the stress free happiness in you. XOXO

    • It’s so great, Kristy. I feel like I am really living every moment instead of waiting for life to happen someday. 🙂

  4. cozygirl

     /  April 12, 2013

    A ladies…WOW! How refreshing it had to be for the soul! Look at those smiles…can’t beat that!

    • Ron and I go and do almost everything together, so it was really special to be able to have some time with women friends. 🙂

  5. cozygirl

     /  April 12, 2013

    I have a question for the decorating princess….was thinking about taking part of the dividing wall out…ever thought about that? Found some photos on the forum….just curious what you thought :O)

    • Carla, you can cut part of it out, but I wouldn’t remove it. One of the old Casita gurus on the Casita forum (who moved up to a Bigfoot and rarely posts now) told me that divider wall made a much stronger trailer structurally.

      If I were using the dinette as a dinette (instead of another single bed) I would probably want to cut a big oval window in the wall to let more light through the trailer. But at night when one of us wants to sleep and one of us wants to read or surf, that wall keeps their light from glaring in our eyes and is priceless.

  6. Sent a note through RVBuddies to Carla to ask if she had pics of her van. I understand not wanting to ask.

  7. Marcia GB

     /  April 12, 2013

    What fun to meet a great group of camping women! And putting faces and personalities to the blog pages you read 🙂

    • What was funny is that although I had never seen a picture of Peggy, I knew who she was right away without being told. .

  8. Thanks for letting us get a glimpse of this amazing group of women! Looks like good times for everyone!

  9. I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed our visit. You are every bit as wonderful as I knew you’d be! Looking forward to crossing paths again soon.

    • The feeling is completely mutual, Kim! I’m so looking forward our trails converging again somewhere! 🙂

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