Leaving Sunday?

Ron and I went to our “groomer” yesterday and have fresh haircuts.  So now the 4 of us look presentable.  Although I posted photos of the dogs after their grooming session, I’ll spare you Ron’s and mine! 😀

Today was rainy, cold, high in the 40’s with thunderstorms predicted tonight.

I’ve had a wee setback.  Lethargy and chills.  Saw the doctor today who loaded me up with antibiotics and such and told me I was good to go to Florida!

We’re taking a break from packing today due to the weather.  Will get it done tomorrow, load the refrigerator Saturday, and take off Sunday.

Endless Breeze fan

Endless Breeze fan

I’ve decided not to mess with installing the fan on the trip.  I have an Endless Breeze fan we can use if we need a non-electric one.   I did buy a 12v extension cord so we can run the cord out of the kitchen vent and use the fan under the awning to help keep cool and hopefully blow bugs away, if needed.

And, oh joy….  I have instructions to go on a low carb, low fat diet.  That means no bread, no rice and no potatoes  — or beans (except green beans)!  Winter eating has done the number on me!

DC extension cord

DC extension cord

Looks lonely without carbs, doesn't it?  :)

Looks lonely without carbs, doesn’t it? 🙂





  1. Wise decision to wait on the fan install as you would want to be at 110% before tackling it. And you have managed nicely so far.

    Happy that you are heading out of town/country in your case.

    The salmon looks mouth watering to me…but a grilled vegetable skewer and spinach salad would help. Good luck with it all!

    • I hadn’t thought of grilled vegetable skewers. That would be scrumptious!!! And I do love spinach salads. I guess I need to concentrate on all the good things I CAN enjoy and not worry about what I can’t have!

  2. Sometimes camping and dieting do not mix. But usually a low carb diet is not so fat restrictive and works better. I mean, who doesn’t love a steak thrown on the grill and a nice salad or bacon and eggs for breakfast?

    • One time when I was low carbing, we went camping. I didn’t keep track of carbs, just tried to eat only legal foods. When I got home, I discovered I had lost 4 pounds.

      The main pitfall will be our visit with Mom… who loves to treat us with fried fish and hush puppies! 🙂

  3. Oops! I hit enter too soon. I am also packing with a headache I’m hoping will disappear overnight as we head to the lake for a few days of trailer camping. I hope to post some of our camping meals after we return. Hop on over to Thymelesssageandrandomrants@wordpress.com in a couple of weeks. There might be something you’d enjoy.

    • Sure do hope the headache goes away after a good night’s sleep! I’ll look forward to checking out your camping meals!!

  4. EmilyO

     /  April 4, 2013

    I had lean meats twice a week only, veggies and fruits – mostly veggies. Did stay away from carbs as much as possible for 3 months. I did learn to fix veggies new ways – love roasted cauliflower and broccoli and fried beets! I learned to eat flavored Greek yogurt, turkey bacon and my oat bran muffins. I found lots of good ideas on Pinterest for fixing veggies and fruits. Now get over that headache and get your butts out on that road. That’s your orders.

    • Emily, I also love Greek yogurt. And I have your oat bran muffin recipe. Am taking my Coleman oven this time, so can do some baking. Also can roast veggies in it. Will check out Pinterest. It does take being a little more creative to make satisfying low carb dinners. I am just glad the doctor gave me my marching orders. I KNEW I needed to do something about getting my weight under control, but was just coasting along! 🙂

  5. The no carbs has been on my diet too. But since being on this little trip I have been bad since we ate out a few times. Tomorrow I head home and will get back to my no carbs. But we did do lots of walking, any thing to make me not feel so guilty.

    • I am really looking forward to having to give the dogs several long walks a day. Will be good for me. Right now I just open the door and let them run around in the yard. I have Sheba’s new harness to try out, so she should be a lot more manageable this trip. Your walking a lot probably was the best thing for you!

  6. Quick reply as brain kill on the this yard sale….FL weather looking up I see! YAHOO! DIET?….ugh never could do it….just make more good days of the real RAW food and lesss of the day. I thought beans were a protein…and they were going to make up for the good in my eating since opening a can was easy – DARN…. Processed anything nasty but bread….we need to figure out the healthy bread we can eat!. GMO’s… are scary! I’m hoping to learn all new cooking on the road….a finger dip of peanut butter maybe?, I sure hope not :O) Soon your leaving…..YEA!!!!!!!!!!! Was sitting in the Casita tonite, thinking….I’m gonna love this! BE SAFE…..no backing up mishaps and full forward all the way babie!

    • Hi, Carla. I am still trying to decide on which diet is actually healthiest. I think nutrition is one area that most doctors receive scant training on, and sometimes by doing your own good research, you can actually be more knowledgeable in that area than they are.

      I wish I could eat only grass fed meats and organic whole foods only.. The only way that would happen would be to forbid DH to ever do any more shopping. He does love his processed junk!

      Will pop over and see how the yard sale turned out. If you are not collapsed into bed by now I will be surprised!

      I used to grind my own wheat and make my own bread so I knew exactly what was in it. They put so many preservatives in bread now that it actually has a nasty chemical stink to me! But I am not nearly so domestic now! 🙂

      I always feel like I am “home” when I am working in the Casita! 🙂

      • Pop over :O) That would have been anice huge surprise! The garage is empty…will post the whole story after bit. Afterwards we sat in the Casita…vegged out and contemplated the next plan. It’s so darn cozy…I just love it!

  7. Have a great trip. Hope the medicine kicks in so you can enjoy it!

    • Thank you, Sue. I am starting to feel better today. Got a lot done, including dewinterizing the water system, sanitizing and flushing it. Only a few minor things left to pack. 🙂

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