Installing Spring

So this is what went wrong!

So this is what went wrong!

We stayed home in March for three reasons.  1, it was too cold, 2. I was sick, and 3. we spent $800 on two pairs of glasses.

It’s STILL too cold!   This is Georgia, for Pete’s sake!  And we are going nuts waiting to go camping.

spring failed

We hadn’t planned to go back home to Florida this spring.  But if I want warm enough weather for the butyl tape and caulking so I can install my Fantastic Fan, it’s looks like that’s what we’ll have to do.

We’re planning to head south in early April, and maybe I can get the fan installed at my sister’s place.

Of course, with the crazy weather, it could be 80 degrees here by then!

At least we don’t have snow and ice.  So it could be worse!





  1. My goodness. I think we are having warmer weather here in the Portalnd area this week.

    • This is so unusual. Usually I have a garden planted by this time of year. This year we don’t even have leaves on our trees yet!

  2. Our temps are jumping up and down and the wind is mild to strong. BUT at least we don’t have snow and ice.
    You will get it done soon.

  3. oh here too! soooo cold and wet and windy! 50mph winds… just awful stuff… HAHAaaa love your graphic!

    • It really works on your mood, doesn’t it Carolyn? Sure hope you get some pretty weather soon.

      I lifted the graphic from a board. Just loved it! 😀

  4. EmilyO

     /  March 25, 2013

    Be careful what you say. The weather guru is listening. Had 3 inches snow yesterday and snow is gone today. Like those kind of snow storms!

    • HaHa! Don’t want to make the weather guru mad!

      If you’ve got to have a snowstorm, that’s the kind to have! 🙂

  5. cozygirl

     /  March 25, 2013

    Spring in Florida…oh yes, please take me away!!! April will be your month and you’ll be sporting some new shades!!! :O) I messaged you on my hacking…everyone hopefully will find me on WordPress now. Back to digging out…14.5 inches of SNOW. Oh the joys of Midwestern March surprises…ugh!

    • 14.5 inches of snow! Sounds like a nightmare to me! AND dealing with having your blog hacked. Hang in there. It WILL get better. Soon, I hope! 🙂

      Got your email. Looking forward to visiting your new cyberhome!

  6. I’m in sunny Southern California and have been doing some two nights out in my burro on the coast and in the desert. I am so sorry you are being trapped by chilly weather. Camping is much more fun!

    • Sue, it is so good to hear that you are getting out and enjoying camping — NOW! 🙂

  7. You and I have our camping seasons flip-flopped, though I am right on the FL-GA border! I love this weather for camping (though our highs for the next few days are closer to the 60’s) and will be winding down my season sometime in April, when it gets hot, just when you will be heading out. Maybe we will pass each other!

    • Peggy, I sure would love to catch up with you in a campground someday! I would have loved to be with you girls at Kolomoki Mounds.

  8. Ouch on the eyeglass costs! The mark-up is just ridiculous. Gotta tell you about this company, Zenni Optical:

    I learned about them from an RV blogger and decided to try it when I balked at the $400 cost of my new prescription glasses. My Zenni order came to about $80! That included progressive lenses, a couple pair of snap-on shades, and shipping. That was a couple of years ago and they are the best glasses I’ve ever had. (My blogger bud had the same opinion). The customer service is very good too.

    I just had my eye exam last week and I’ll be using that service again for sure.

    • Kim I had heard of Zenni, but had been afraid to try them. Thank you for the review! My days of $400 glasses are over!!!

      • I saw your reply to Peggy and realized it’s the same Peggy I know! Is there any way you could join us at Suwannee River State Park, FL? The dates are April 9, 10, 11.

        • Kim, I’ll be traveling with hubby, but I could leave him and the trailer at Mom’s and come out during the day. I will plan on it!!!!

  9. No fair! I’m left out! (Suwannee River) But I guess I have had my Florida fix for awhile.

    Loved the installing spring graphic….you are one of the most creative people I have ever known!
    I keep saying that warmth is coming…..beginning to feel like a broken record.

    • I sure do wish you could be there, Lynne!

      I didn’t create the graphic…. found it on a board and copied it. That’s bad, I know… but it tickled me so much I had to share it!

      I have about decided I might as well just bundle up and get outside and start yard cleanup because if I wait till it gets warm, it might never get done! I am not handling this gracefully at all!

  10. Love your post header. Made me laugh!!

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