A Little Setback

I hadn’t been feeling great the past few days, so today I finally went to the doctor.

Turns out I have pneumonia.

So the projects will go on hold for a little while until I feel chipper enough to tackle them.  🙂

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  1. cozygirl

     /  February 21, 2013

    Oh gheez, bless your heart. Don’t mess around with that…hope you got some strong herbal tea on hand! I’m so behind on my contacts…I owe you a letter. I’ll send you some sweet sentences to help you heal! Wish I could bring you some of my magic chix soup. Get under the covers! xxoo

  2. Tim McDougall

     /  February 21, 2013

    Sorry to hear that; hope you get to feeling better soon.

  3. strivingfortiny

     /  February 21, 2013

    Oh man, that’s rough. Speedy recovery girl so you can get back to fun 🙂

  4. Get well soon, the summer camping season will be here before you know it!

    • strivingfortiny

       /  February 22, 2013

      How are you feeling now? Are you on medication for the pneumonia? I hope you are healing up rapidly. ❤

  5. Sorry to hear that, but very glad you went to the Dr. before it got worse. I’ll be thinking of you.

  6. EmilyO

     /  February 21, 2013

    Oh my, you get over that. It is a hurter. Good idea some herbal tea, wrap in a nice warm blanket and sleep.

  7. Whoa! Glad you got a diagnosis. Take good care of yourself!

  8. Projects will always wait without complaint! Take very good care!

  9. Bill

     /  February 21, 2013

    Please get it attended to quickly!
    A recent bout with it nearly cost me everything in this world.
    Very serious stuff!

  10. Oh No Tiny!! Sending you tons of good juju for a speedy recovery!! Drink the tea and get snuggly!!

  11. Meg

     /  February 21, 2013

    Oh wow, that’s not fun. But I’m glad you got it diagnosed so it could be treated. And I hope you feel better soon.

  12. Thanks for all the good wishes, everyone. We apparently caught it early. I just got up from a nice, long nap and am headed back there soon!

  13. MarciaGB

     /  February 21, 2013

    Oh dear – feel better soon and take it easy. It takes awhile to get your energy back.

  14. Hey Tiny – this just leaves you more time to mentally install that ceiling fan before cutting the first hole. Get well soon.

  15. Elizabeth in NC

     /  February 21, 2013

    Oh so sorry!! I have had that nasty stuff a few times…but not since I have been taking gobs of suppliments, herbs, etc. Even just the cheapo garlic caps from Walmart seem to give the immune system a punch. You need some homemade organic chicken soup with at least broccoli and garlic in it…I found out accidently that those 3 are essential to get the most benefit…but you can add any other veggies, noodles or whatever to it too. GET WELL SOON!! REST!!!

  16. So sorry to read this news. Good to see a Dr. when something is just not normal for the way we feel. You take care and follow Dr.s orders get well.

  17. Nothing to mess with for sure. Hoping your recovery is quick.

  18. Rotten luck. Take care and get lots of rest! Guiltless pampering is in order!

  19. Hope this finds you much better!

  20. strivingfortiny

     /  February 24, 2013

    How’s your health coming along? 😀 ❤

    • Mostly just tired and sleeping a lot. Not too interested in projects right now. 🙂

      • strivingfortiny

         /  February 24, 2013

        Good. Sleep. Your body is busy doing its thang! ❤ healing energy being sent your way! (P.S. I'm a massage therapist and an ordained minister) ❤ 😀

  21. Hope you feel better soon 🙂

  22. Sunny

     /  February 26, 2013

    Hope you are feeling better by now 🙂

  23. Michelle

     /  March 1, 2013

    Take care of yourself!

  24. Thanks again, all of you! I’ve turned the corner and am feeling a lot better now! 🙂

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