No Visible Accident Damage After Scrubbing the Casita!

She's as beautiful as ever!

She’s as beautiful as ever!

A few days ago we got a day up in the 60’s, so I decided to wash the Casita.  I am so glad I did!  The top was covered with black crud!  So I scrubbed it with a dishcloth that has the nylon scrubbie net on the back, using dish soap, bleach and baking soda.

It came out shining like new!

Ron held the ladder for me.  I wanted to do the scrubbing myself because I am a lot pickier than he is.  🙂

So over a period of 4 days, we finally have it looking good as new.  I saved scrubbing the bottom front until last because I knew I would encounter damage from the accident.  I wanted to get it super clean so I could determine what was dirt and what was damage.

No visible damage!

No visible damage!

If I put my face right up to the fiberglass and look really hard, I can see some tiny, barely visible stress cracks in the gelcoat.  I checked on some boat discussion boards and found that those tiny cracks are totally cosmetic and nothing to worry about.  Since I am the only one who can see them (Ron can’t), I’m just going to strip the existing PoliGlow from the area, put on a couple of new coats, and call it good as new!

The top of the gas tanks were bent when the truck jackknifed.  The plastic gas cover saved the Casita from getting gouged by them.  There is one horizontal rub mark in the fiberglass where it was forced against the trailer, but that is all!  And cleaned up, I have to really hunt for it.  With a coat of poliglow, it, too, will be invisible!

The bent tops of the propane tanks

The bent tops of the propane tanks

We moved the gas tank that was on the right to the left when we were straightening them out.  I’m not sure why as the tops of both were bent, but that was the decision the guys made!  🙂

Even the plastic gas tank cover was undamaged!  It just flexed.

The only real repair I have to make to the trailer is to drill holes in the bar at the bottom of the gas tank support and bolt it back down again where the welds popped loose.

The truck, on the other hand, sustained $3700 worth of damage!

I never realized how wonderful the Casita’s belly band is at protecting the body from damage.  It just makes me appreciate my little camper even more!

Sheba supervising.  :)

Sheba supervising. 🙂




  1. Linnith

     /  February 15, 2013

    glad your damamge to trailer was minor.

  2. That is great news! …and superior supervision by Sheba.

    • Sue, it looked so much worse with dirt ground into it right after the accident. I was just stunned when I saw how little damage was under the dirt!

      Yes, Sheba was a big help! 🙂

  3. EmilyO

     /  February 15, 2013

    These little eggs continue to amaze us. Glad to read that the “damage” is so mimiscule to the trailer.

    • Emily, I have pored over floor plans and all kinds of other travel trailers and I can’t find anything I’d rather have than a Casita. Mine is now 8 years old and I think it still looks new. They are a testament to Casita, who is one of the few manufacturers who still care about quality!

      I used to think I would like to have an Escape, but I’ve changed my mind. We really do have the best, don’t we? 🙂

  4. aw, little Casita looks beautiful. Your continuing love for your little guy keeps me coming back to looking at more Casitas

    I like waggly tails in supervisory positions…. very much

    • Carolyn, they are such sweet trailers. I think you would love one! Mine is 8 years old and looks like new. And I bought it used.

      And the waggly tails do make great supervisors. 🙂

  5. Tim McDougall

     /  February 15, 2013

    Looks good. You were lucky for being so unlucky. Trucks come and go but our trailer homes are our pride and joy.
    Here in Arkansas a rock cracked windshield is standard equiptment. As soon as you replace it, it comes right back.

    • ” You were lucky for being so unlucky.” What a perfect description!

      Someday maybe I’ll post a picture of the unpaved hills in Arkansas that we towed our Aliner on. The only way to get up the next hill was to gun the engine when we were near the bottom of one hill to build up momentum to get to the top of the next one. It was the hairiest driving we’ve ever done!

      • Where in the world in Arkansas did you go toting your little Casita on UNpaved hills? holy moly! wanna go in Homer.

        • Carolyn, it was out from Yellville. We went to visit friends who lived on unpaved roads in the boonies out there. What a ride! 😀

          • And it was with our old Aliner…. not the Casita! I would NEVER do that to my little egg!

            • holy moly … yes I’m familiar with Yellville but not never no how would I ever pull anything around there…. Lucky you didn’t try to drive in Eureka Springs! sheeee boy

  6. What a relief! I know it really bothered you that you damaged your beloved Casita. It looks prettier than ever!

  7. Your Casita looks beautiful! An inspiration for me to start cleaning on ours (that has 7 weeks of sand and grime!)
    You were so lucky in an unlucky kind of way. Hope the truck is in great shape now!

    • When we are camping and ours gets dirty, it usually stays dirty due to campground rules about not washing your RVs there. I wonder what fulltimers do?

      Yes, we got the truck back and it looks great. Sure is good to see it out there in the driveway again!

  8. Well very happy for you and the Casita to come out A – OK

  9. Great post……..I applaud you for your fix it spirit!
    Sheba is a beautiful dog……….so glad you chose her!

    • I used to hate to have to do fix it projects. But now I am so thrilled when they turn out well! It is so satisfying!

      Sheba is gorgeous… and incredibly sweet. If I had known more about which breeds were suitable for people our age, I would not have chosen her. But she is training us well! 🙂

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