Sheba’s Home

Wonder why the paw is lifted?  Maybe she's a pointer, too!  :)

Wonder why the paw is lifted? Maybe she’s a pointer, too! 🙂

We picked Sheba up from the vet’s this morning.  She was one happy puppy to see us!  I snuggled her during the drive home and she snuggled right back! 🙂

Loving being home

Loving being home

The vet had weighed her, and she is at 40.5 pounds.  She’s stayed that weight for over a month, so I’m guessing that’s close to her adult weight.

When we got home, I was covered, and I do mean covered, with a thick thatch of black dog hair!  She had not been brushed the 5 days she was boarded and is WAY overdo!  She also has some mats behind her ears that I’ll try to work out tonight.

Romping around the yard

Romping around the yard

She and Sunny have been playing nonstop all day.  Sheba’s favorite game is to get a toy (or pine cone or stick) in her mouth, get right up close to Sunny and tease him with it, then the chase is on.

So the rest of today’s post will just be photos of her homecoming.

Sheba and Sunny

Sheba and Sunny

Best buddies

Best buddies

Sheba's toys  :)

Sheba’s toys 🙂








  1. Awwww …. she is so happy that her pack in intact! She missed you!

    • She is thrilled to be back with us. Wants to hang around with us inside instead of spending hours outside like she usually does!

  2. What a happy reunion!

  3. Such a playful pup! Love her play bows – my dog used to do that trying to entice other dogs to play with her.

  4. Welcome home Sheba! Your Sunny could be our Henry’s twin. 🙂

    • Henry is so cute! He looks younger than Sunny in his picture. Is he?

      Sunny is 11-1/2. The vet said that having Sheba to keep him active is the best thing in the world for him. 🙂

      Your flowers are gorgeous!

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