A Funeral & Bygone Crafts

We just got word that my husband’s older sister passed away yesterday.  She went the way I would like to go.  She was sitting in her favorite chair when her son checked on her that morning, dozing, he thought.  Three hours later he came home and she was still sitting there.  He spoke to her and she didn’t answer… and that’s when he realized she wasn’t breathing.

Julia was our favorite.  She semi-raised most of her grandkids because they always wanted to go stay with “Aunt Julia.”  She will be sorely missed.

We don’t know yet when the funeral will be… should hear today.  But today I will be madly getting the trailer de-winterized and organized for the trip to south Georgia.

We had wanted to keep going south after we spent some time with Ron’s family.  But I have two packages on the way that I need for our next trip, and they won’t be here for several days.  So we’ll have to come back and wait for them to arrive.

I was writing another blogger yesterday about our love of crafting.  I did silver jewelry, beading, Indian beading, soap making, tatting, crocheting, knitting, crosstitch, embroidery, wood crafts, gardening, canning, dehydrating, raising chickens…. any craft you can think of, I have probably dabbled in it.  I dug up some photos of things I had done before camping took precedence over everything else in my life.

Silver jewelry

Silver jewelry

Tatted rose for greeting card.  I still tat because it's a portable, camping-friendly craft.

Tatted rose for greeting card. I still tat because it’s a portable, camping-friendly craft.

Birds nest in worm-eaten wild cherry log

Birds nest in worm-eaten wild cherry log

Panda on a swing

Panda on a swing

I’m in a strange space this morning.  I think it’s just denial of what has happened and trying to distract myself.

Got to go pack a trailer and bathe a couple of dogs and get haircuts…


  1. Oh Tiny!! I’m so so sorry to hear of your loss. I agree, that’s the best way to go, peacefully at home. Email me if you need to chat. I’m always here for you Hon!!
    With much love and big hugs!!

    • Kristy, you are an angel. I will be in such a busy whirlwind that I won’t have time to chat — barely time to breathe! But knowing that I could is priceless to me. Bug hugs right back at you! 🙂

      • When all the commotion settles down…you go back home…and the reality really sits in… Email.

  2. cozygirl

     /  January 28, 2013

    Aunt Julia sounds like she was a jewel! Sorry for your loss. Nice silver work! I love the tree of life! Hoping the de-winterizing goes smooth and weather sends you down the road in sunshine! xo

    • You recognized the Tree of Life. I’m impressed. 🙂

      Yes, Julia was one of the old-time family holder-togetherers. Irreplaceable.

      I can’t get moving. Am sitting here drinking yet another cup of coffee and wasting time… MUST get in gear!

  3. Jerryc

     /  January 28, 2013

    so sorry to hear about your sister in law. Hopefully, that’s how I’ll go. You are quite the talented lady. It’s awesome to have the ability to accomplish all those crafts.

    • Jerry, that is the only thing that gives me a sense of peace about her passing… that it was so easy. Thank you for caring.

      I also appreciate your comment on the crafts. I did so enjoy the creating. 🙂

  4. JM

     /  January 28, 2013

    You’re family is in my prayers. Thank you for sharing your arts and crafts they are all wonderful!

  5. So sorry about Aunt Julia. I can hear the sadness. Hope you are out in your beloved camper soon.

  6. Camilla

     /  January 28, 2013

    So sorry to hear of your loss

  7. EmilyO

     /  January 28, 2013

    I am saddened to hear. She must have been in peace to have passed on as she did. That is comfort to the family. Your craft work is beautiful, I like the silver jewelry.

    • She was a gentle, peaceful person, Emily. Her quiet, “uneventful” dying was in keeping with the way she lived.

      Sometimes I miss working with silver, but I don’t miss the horrible black mess that was thickly deposited everywhere when I used a buffing wheel on it. 🙂

  8. lynne

     /  January 28, 2013

    So sorry to hear of your loss….it’s so sad whe the siblings start to pass. Please pass along my sympathy to Ron.
    I am so impressed with you all that you create! Your talents are simply amazing! Beautiful work.

    • Will pass it on to Ron, Lynne. His oldest brother and his twin have already gone, but losing Julia hit him the hardest, I think.

      I seem to need to always be building or creating something. Love it when people enjoy it!

  9. MarciaGB

     /  January 28, 2013

    So sorry for your family’s loss. My thoughts are with you and Ron. Very much enjoyed seeing the pictures of your artwork.

  10. Sorry for the loss in the family.

  11. I also am so very sorry for your loss. My condolences to your family. I hope the weather cooperates for your trip, althoug heading south should help. I’m a little envious when I hear of the pleasant temperatures south of Atlanta, where a relative lives.

    I was aware of your lovely tatting, as that is how I found your blog, thanks to the Tatting Goddess (whose passing last year was so unexpected). However, you were involved in so many other crafts as well! So much talent! The silver jewelry is amazing, and the wood pieces are adorable! I’m glad you showed these to us, and understand the need for a diversion to gather your thoughts.

    • Kathy, I have loved your comments since near the beginning of this blog.

      Gina was so gracious and encouraging to me. No matter what little “rings and chains” piece I posted photos of, she made it sound like it was a work of art. Also, her linking to my blog is what really got my readership off the ground.

      I wrote her a couple of times apologizing for not devoting more of my blog to tatting since she had so graciously linked to it. She responded that everyone has a life outside of tatting, and she enjoyed seeing what else we tatters were involved in.

      Even though her last blog post was in February 2012, I still get a significant number of hits from her site. I consider it a precious, ongoing gift from her.

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