The Cherokee Rally – Day 2

Our campsite

The Egg Parade today was fantastic!  It is hard to believe how people can take such similar trailer interiors and turn them into unique, creative, living spaces perfectly suited to their way of camping, traveling and living. We ended up having about 30 trailers show up.

The campground’s mountain background

One thing I definitely plan to copy is Jean’s battery drawer mod which allows the battery to slide out to be serviced instead of having to manhandle the battery to the ground — and back — to check the water levels.

And, after sitting at the dinettes in 3 different trailers, I realized how much I miss a dedicated dinette.  I will keep our twin beds, but I will always probably feel a twinge of envy at others who have a place to sit, prop their elbows, and visit over.  My little table works fine for us, but it’s not quite the same.

The legendary Shorty!

Right before dinnertime, a very nice young couple with two small children and two dogs pulled in and parked next to us — with a new Parkliner!  They had picked it up at the factory today and driven directly to the rally.  Needless to say, they were swamped with visitors before they could even set up.  I heard someone say there have only been 15 Parkliners built so far.  I’ll try to get some good photos of them tomorrow morning.

We enjoyed the potluck this evening.  I would have liked to stay for the music afterwards, but today was a big day for me and I was exhausted.  So we walked the dogs and I propped up in bed with my puter by 8:30 this evening.  Feels so good to begin to unwind!

Steve and Jean

We would like to leave for Lake Allatoona early tomorrow morning, but I doubt we will get out as early as we’d like.

The potluck

A couple of cute 13 footers

The fresh-from-the-factory Parkliner




  1. shelly

     /  October 13, 2012

    Thank you for posting. I am living vicariously thru you. Enjoy your time. Wish i could be there.


    • Shelly, I do so wish you could be here, too. I would have LOVED touring your Casita and seeing your mods in person!


  2. chucksper

     /  October 14, 2012

    Looks like great fun, Sharon! We’ve heard of a Rally in Cullman, Alabama this spring we may be checking it out.


    • Hi, Chuck! Is that the Green Eggs & Ham rally? I think Ron and I are going to try to make that one, too. Sure would love to meet you there!


  3. We so enjoyed meeting you and Ron and know we will be camping together again in the future.
    (I don’t know how you write and post at the end of an exhausting day. Maybe I will get there!)


    • Lynne, tonight is the REAL exhausting one…. I unwind by surfing.

      It was SO great meeting you and David! I am really looking forward to seeing you again. I think we are going to try to make the Green Eggs & Ham rally. Shorty is very persuasive! 😀


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