Solo Van Camping


Gail’s campsite at Wolf Creek near Livingston

My sister Gail is really getting into this solo camping thing!  She is finding her trips alone to be very therapeutic.  It seems to be adding a nice balance that improves every aspect of her life.

There are steps down to the water with a white sandy bottom that is perfect for swimming.

She plans to go camping every other weekend.  But since she also really enjoys having hubby along, they have a deal.  He gets to go with her every other trip!  😀

He is taking vacation next week, so they plan a longer trip up to visit their new grand baby.  They plan to camp a couple of days going up there, visit the kids, then reserve another few days for themselves on the way back home.

Another view of her campsite

Another view of the water



She says her new independence spices up their marriage, too!  Who’d a thunk running away from home could provide so many benefits!



  1. As a married solo camper, I just have to put in my 2 cents! I have always maintained that time apart can be crucial in a marriage–how better to appreciate what you have than to be without it for a short spell? It’s like pressing a giant red Reset button! Our marriage has been going strong for 40 years so far, so it works for us! I hope Gail continues to enjoy her solo times.

    • Peggy, your blog is a real inspiration. I am looking forward to the start of your next camping season and virtually traveling to new campgrounds with you.

  2. Solo camping is good for anybody it gives you time to think and be yourself without interruption and I find leaves you refreshed.

  3. Barbara Goodman

     /  August 29, 2012

    I so need to do this, it’s my dream, but I don’t think it’s completely his 😦

  4. Bill

     /  August 29, 2012

    Beautiful camping pictures! Since buying our camper/van we have yet to make our first run.. My wife and I are both recently retired and are hoping the cooler weather comes soon! We run with a crowd during camping season, so solo camping for us would just be the two of us.. I like that idea, too. Going to Michigan in two weeks to stay with friends at their “up north” retreat. Probably doesn’t count as camping, but it is in the back 40.

  5. Just enjoying the freedom of being out and about, with family friends!!

  6. I love solo camping and can’t wait to get on it again. I have not seen a van like that anywhere. But I know I will find something that will work.

  7. Jo, Gail looked for her van for over a year. Keep your eyes open. You’ll find something that will work great for you when the time is right.

  8. It is inspiring to me to hear about women traveling, very happily, alone. I am blessed to have a husband that shares my dreams but it is comforting to know it’s possible as a single.
    Solitude, at times, is a wonderful thing!

    • Lynne, I much prefer camping with Ron because it’s so much more fun to have someone to do things with. But I think I’d also love a weekend by myself every once in a blue moon. 🙂

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