Where the Wild Things Grow

The neighbor down the road with the vicious dogs got rid of them, so now I am free to wander our country roads again.  The freedom is indescribable!

So come along with me on my walk and share my life in the slow lane.  🙂

My road

A tree with a tangle of last year’s kudzu vines wrapped around it. Unfortunately, the kudzu is beginning to come out. I took a picture of a new shoot, but won’t dignify that scourge of the South by posting it!

The swamp down the road, complete with abandoned tire!

Where the swamp drains

Old and new cattails

Fishing hole

Tree roots visible where bank has eroded

Country intersection

Birdsfoot violet. Larger than the ones closer to home.

Deer crossing trail


  1. Love walking country roads. Nice photo’s. Looks just like home.


    • Glad to see someone else loves country roads. I imagine it would look terribly boring to most people! 🙂


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