No Fish Today

View from the Casita door

Today was warm and windy.  Very windy!

We spent a couple of hours on the dock fishing today — with no luck.  But none of the other campers fishing from boats or the shore caught anything either, so we were in good company.  It did feel good to sit out on the dock in the sun, with the breeze to cool us, watching the water and soaking in the relaxation that is fishing.

I wouldn’t have minded the excitement of hooking a few fish, though!  🙂

I am a bit frustrated with our refrigerator.  It’s been running at 55 degrees, even though the freezer is keeping foods frozen solid as a rock.  So I’ll have to throw out all the lunch meat, mayonnaise, etc.  And when I get home, I’ll get the Dometic manual out, do maintenance (which I’m sure none of the previous owners did) and build the baffle to direct all the air inflow over the cooling fins.

I read on a board that helps in some instances.  You would think as frightfully expensive as these refrigerators are that they would be more dependable.  But I had the same problem with my refrigerator in the Aliner, and see it mentioned frequently on the boards

It’s supposed to thunderstorm tonight and tomorrow here and at home.  We will see how bad it actually is tomorrow morning.  If it looks like driving would be dangerous, we might stay here one more night.




  1. Wind has been a problem everywhere it seems.
    Its to bad about the fridge. there seems to be a problem with them and yes they cost a fortune. Hope its something simple you can handle.
    Be careful in the wind and yes stay put if it is bad.


    • JoJo, it looks like we are getting mostly rain today with no bad wind, so we are planning on heading out this morning.

      Since my computer died, I’ll be getting a new one and hopefully I will be able to reply to your blog also! 🙂


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