Rosebud, Periwinkles & Scamps

First rosebud of spring

I discovered our first rosebud of the year today!  It was nestled among a cluster of new, red, baby rose leaves.

Purple periwinkles (perennial vinca)

And down by our front steps, the purple periwinkles are blooming.  What incredible beauty!

Here's a closeup of the periwinkle's sweet face!

And, it was only two days ago that I said that we were definitely going to buy a Casita Liberty Deluxe.  But Ron just can’t handle the lack of space, so we are going to have to go with the Scamp 5th wheel.

I wrote a woman who owns a 1988 Scamp about whether she would buy a Casita or Scamp, given the option now that she has had a Scamp for so long.  She would still choose the Scamp (although she would much rather have the much more expensive Escape–and so would I!).   And I had letters last year from two Scamp owners who were very happy with their Scamps.  One had owned both a Casita and a Scamp 5th wheel, and he said that he would not hesitate to buy either one again.

So I’ve put the quality comparison issue to rest.

One of my biggest problems with the Scamp was the marine fabric behind the stove instead of a washable surface there.  But I talked to Jim at Scamp today and he assured me that they can put a washable splash board behind both the sink and the stove.  So that’s a non-issue.

I still don’t like the tiny bathroom and tiny black water tank in the Scamp.  But the extra space is a decent trade-off, I think.

Their prices are going up in two weeks.  I could have put a deposit on the Scamp today and locked in the lower price.  But until I get the Aliner paid off and my down payment saved up, I didn’t feel comfortable doing that.

So if no unexpected financial problems hit us in the meantime, we plan to order our Scamp this fall.

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